The name Taijitu Martini is inspired by the enigmatic forces of nature in the Universe. My life is a constant division of two spaces, just like the Taijitu symbol. The world as most see it, on a surface level, and the world that I experience daily as a clairvoyant. It’s not something I asked for, it’s just who I am. Most people have no idea what I can see beyond the veil. The word psychic has such negative connotations. There are so many people that are full of shit out there giving it a bad name, so for the most part only a few people know about my true identity as a clairvoyant and clairsentient. My dreams have always foretold the future, or the past, and as a tribute I’ve named this blog Taijitu Martini after a recent dream that was particularly mind-blowing. In my dream I was holding a strange looking brown bird in my hands and said to my friend, “Hey what’s his name?” My friend said “Pete” and then I said,”What kind is he? I’ve never seen one like this before!” and she said, “He’s a Martini” The strange brown bird then flew up and dissapeared under an elaborate stick nest that I can only assume was his home and I woke up. It’s easy for me to know the difference between one of my clairvoyant dreams and a regular dream( clairvoyant dreams are much stronger and more powerful in nature) so when I got up I hit the computer to google this strange looking brown bird called Pete. Here he is. Turns out Pete looked exactly like he did in my dream. Pete was a Yanornis Martini, an extinct specimen thought to be closely related to the common ancestor of all modern birds, discovered in fossils in China in the Early Cretaceous Period 120 Million Years Ago. Blew me right into next week. 120 Million Years ago, and I’m dreaming of him live and in my hands looking exactly the way he would have in China in the dinosaur age. It’s something I’ve known all my life as a clairvoyant, but Pete re-affirms it, time and space as we know them are only constructions, true energy can never be contained. Image


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