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The Road To Success

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Sometimes when your destination is unclear and the bills pile up it’s hard to keep a smile on your face and a clever word on your pen. Life was snickering and endlessly tossing lemons at my head. Luckily it seems the tides may just be turning and the Universe may be rooting for me after all. I’m slowly starting to catch those tart little yellow balls with the intention of making one hell of a good lemonade. The wheels are turning. Send it out there. I did. Only you can be the master of your destiny, and just as you think you’re ready to give up, a window opens, the sun beams through, and you spot that beautiful glow of hope in the distance. This is what makes life so amazing.

Always keep that window open and never give up.

Anything less would be selling yourself short.

Carpe Diem. 


Fred and The Blue Car

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Day 17. The search to uncover the full truth behind Tim Bosmas murder continues.

On May 15th I posted that I was picking up an older style dark blue car. A few days ago the news released the information that a dark blue GMC Yukon belonging to Millard had also been seized, but I knew it wasn’t the car I was picking up that I documented on the 15th. Today I understood why. Today the news released the above picture of another blue car. This is definitely the same older style blue car I picked up with its longer front end, and I believe it played a part in Tims disappearance. In my vision it was tailing Tim’s truck. I’m waiting to see if the letters L or V are associated with its license plate. Yesterday police arrested a Mark Smich along with Millard and both are now charged. Police believe they are still looking for one more suspect. Smich’s neighbour was speaking about him on the news today, and his name…Fred. 



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This upcoming week is going to be an energetic culmination and release of the past few weeks-and thankfully word has it that the stress will subside. Must be the Full Moon (and lunar eclipse) coming on the 24th. My days are busy and my nights filled with vivid dreams. I keep getting messages about the names Allistair, Sophie, and Fred and have absolutely no idea why. I’m thinking they are attached to the Bosma case but I’m not sure. I have seen 11:11 three times in the last two days, and tonight my dog was intently staring at the ceiling in my bedroom, bobbing her head back and forth like she was following something moving in the space up there. Whatever she was seeing I wasn’t- but change is definitely in the air. I think when earthly energies are this intense it’s important to remember that we can still create our own quiet in the madness. Life can be so overwhelming. It’s important to remember that you also have the power to turn it off. Tune in the good. The smell of a flower.  The sound of laughter. The love you feel. The music that makes your soul sing. Focus on the very essence of 11:11, on that split second where you stop thinking about everything external that worries you, and just remember how amazing it is to be alive.

11-11. Reflect on that special place where time stands perfectly still and just be. Look deeply into that mirror image of yourself and infuse it with peace. Just for today, I won’t be angry. Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will be grateful. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Just for today, I will be kind to every living being.

That includes you 🙂

Thoughts on Tim

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Tragedy happens. It plays out in our lives and on the news. The majority of people feel the pain of others sorrows momentarily, but the next day brings a slew of new stories and focus changes quickly. For me, being so close to the other side makes it extremely difficult to re-focus my energy back into the land of the living again once the buzz of the news slows down. It’s been this way since I was little. Never quite fully on the earth, and never quite fully in the clouds. It’s a strange place to exist.

I am very much still connected to the pain and shifting energies that exist with this case at the moment , and emotionally it’s been a heavy week since he went missing. I connected with the energy again last night and picked up three new pieces of information. One was a tall lanky man with curly blonde hair and a red baseball hat, and the other was a shorter non-caucasian man with brown skin. The third was a older style dark blue car with a long front end. I also saw the letters L and possibly V which might be part of a license plate. I wish there was more that I could do to help.

Messages from the other side are just so fleeting, the vibration is a super fast-paced energy and it’s so difficult to match its vibration long enough to get a clear view. I am sending my thoughts to the police today in the hopes that they can find the information they need to uncover the missing elements in this case and solve it quickly.

Rest in Peace Tim

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Hamilton police announced this morning that they believe they have found the remains of Tim Bosma at 2548 Roseville Road in Ayr, Ontario. My prayers go out to all those who worked tirelessly to find him, to his wife and child, and to the rest of his family and friends. So very sad.

2548 Roseville Road

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 2548 Roseville Road. The news today: the police are now searching this farmland, a cruiser and forensics vehicle were seen in the fields behind this barn in Waterloo. In my last blog I wanted to document what I was picking up related to the case, and there it was today:

A secluded farmland with old round grey stonework.  

The energy has definitely shifted and become a lot heavier since my last blog, and tonight I just keep hearing water dripping. I have no idea if it’s related to 2548 Roseville Rd or to Tim, but whatever it is, I’m documenting that too.

I’m praying for Tims safe return. 



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This is a heartfelt calling to all blogging mediums, clairvoyants, and clairsentients, and anyone else out there who is tuning into the energy of the Tim Bosma story. Maybe someone out there can pick up something that might help to find him and get him home safely to his wife and child. I am just doing what I can to spread the information with the hope that it might be able to help somehow.

Tim went missing after two men responded to an ad he had put on kijiji selling his 2007 Dodge Ram pickup truck, license plate 726 7ZW. He went out to give them a test drive, told his wife he’d be right back, and was never seen again. One of the two suspects was arrested today, a Dellen Millard. He is said to be the CEO of Millardair. The other wanted suspect, the truck, and Tim are still missing.

When I meditate I keep picking up a secluded farmland, and some type of stone building with really old larger style rounded grey stonework. Unfortunately I’m not getting much more than that. He lives in Ancaster, Ontario and that name definitely rings a bell energetically which makes me think he might be in Ancaster or very close to home. I feel as though he is still alive.

If anyone picks up anything relating to Tim Bosma please feel free to post it-whatever it might be. Maybe it could make a difference. If you are energetically inclined (and even if you’re not) please take some time to stop and focus on Tim.

Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line police have set up at 905-546-2100 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

I continue to pray for his safe return.