Thoughts on Tim


Tragedy happens. It plays out in our lives and on the news. The majority of people feel the pain of others sorrows momentarily, but the next day brings a slew of new stories and focus changes quickly. For me, being so close to the other side makes it extremely difficult to re-focus my energy back into the land of the living again once the buzz of the news slows down. It’s been this way since I was little. Never quite fully on the earth, and never quite fully in the clouds. It’s a strange place to exist.

I am very much still connected to the pain and shifting energies that exist with this case at the moment , and emotionally it’s been a heavy week since he went missing. I connected with the energy again last night and picked up three new pieces of information. One was a tall lanky man with curly blonde hair and a red baseball hat, and the other was a shorter non-caucasian man with brown skin. The third was a older style dark blue car with a long front end. I also saw the letters L and possibly V which might be part of a license plate. I wish there was more that I could do to help.

Messages from the other side are just so fleeting, the vibration is a super fast-paced energy and it’s so difficult to match its vibration long enough to get a clear view. I am sending my thoughts to the police today in the hopes that they can find the information they need to uncover the missing elements in this case and solve it quickly.


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