This upcoming week is going to be an energetic culmination and release of the past few weeks-and thankfully word has it that the stress will subside. Must be the Full Moon (and lunar eclipse) coming on the 24th. My days are busy and my nights filled with vivid dreams. I keep getting messages about the names Allistair, Sophie, and Fred and have absolutely no idea why. I’m thinking they are attached to the Bosma case but I’m not sure. I have seen 11:11 three times in the last two days, and tonight my dog was intently staring at the ceiling in my bedroom, bobbing her head back and forth like she was following something moving in the space up there. Whatever she was seeing I wasn’t- but change is definitely in the air. I think when earthly energies are this intense it’s important to remember that we can still create our own quiet in the madness. Life can be so overwhelming. It’s important to remember that you also have the power to turn it off. Tune in the good. The smell of a flower.  The sound of laughter. The love you feel. The music that makes your soul sing. Focus on the very essence of 11:11, on that split second where you stop thinking about everything external that worries you, and just remember how amazing it is to be alive.

11-11. Reflect on that special place where time stands perfectly still and just be. Look deeply into that mirror image of yourself and infuse it with peace. Just for today, I won’t be angry. Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will be grateful. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Just for today, I will be kind to every living being.

That includes you 🙂


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  1. awesome 😉

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