The Road To Success


Sometimes when your destination is unclear and the bills pile up it’s hard to keep a smile on your face and a clever word on your pen. Life was snickering and endlessly tossing lemons at my head. Luckily it seems the tides may just be turning and the Universe may be rooting for me after all. I’m slowly starting to catch those tart little yellow balls with the intention of making one hell of a good lemonade. The wheels are turning. Send it out there. I did. Only you can be the master of your destiny, and just as you think you’re ready to give up, a window opens, the sun beams through, and you spot that beautiful glow of hope in the distance. This is what makes life so amazing.

Always keep that window open and never give up.

Anything less would be selling yourself short.

Carpe Diem. 


7 Responses to “The Road To Success”

  1. Love this inspirational message 😉 Thank you for ‘liking’ me! Namaste

  2. This was a short and sweet message that I cherished reading. Very inspiring!

  3. I am truly fascinated by you and your blog. I love the mixture and the sense of hope and inspiration throughout. Great work!

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