Pandoras Box


Everything is connected. Quantum entanglement is everywhere. You can often recognize the obvious connections but many times the subtlety of the entanglement is almost invisible and gets lost in the complex movements of the Universe.

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to catch it.

There I was. Minding my own business, enjoying the last bites of dinner at a ritzy restaurant, long-lost family members thrown together on all sides, laughing over wine-induced memories and an array of crazy idiocies from the past. Then it happened. Out of the blue my mother starts talking about Tim Bosma. She doesn’t know anything about my blog or the fact that I have been psychically connected to Tim’s story since May 6th. She tells us that she was once close to Dellen Millards father Wayne, whos mother Della was friends with my grandmother. When Waynes mother Della died, Wayne told my mother that he was going to have a baby and name the child after his mother. That’s how Dellen got his name. Soon after Dellen was born, Wayne brought him over to my house for a visit and I bounced a chubby Dellen Millard on my lap.

When I brought up the fact that Dellen was also being investigated for his fathers murder, my mother said, “Wayne was a pilot. He would never have shot himself in the eye.”

At that very moment she looked sad and the conversation ended. That was that. A moment where time and space collided, where across a table a mother and child connected ever so briefly over a common emotion, a Universal force that has touched us both in our own ways. My mother has witnessed my clairvoyance a million times but would rather change the topic. She knows it’s there but chooses to ignore it. She fears what she doesn’t understand. At that very moment a thought crossed my mind. I could reach out and say, “I started a blog mom and most of my posts have been focused on Tim since May 6th. I described the secluded farmland where Tim’s body would be found long before if came out on the news. I knew about the older style blue car involved in the case days before the picture was released. I picked up on information about the second suspect Mark Smich’s neighbour Fred before his name appeared on the news. I know they are still looking for someone because there are three people involved and they only have two…”

I don’t speak. I never say anything. It’s always been my private journey. I’ve lived my entire life that way and I’m comfortable as a mute.  Tim’s story has touched my life so deeply that I can’t rest until the puzzle pieces are all put together and justice is served. I wonder if my mother will ever find the strength to accept what she doesn’t understand? One day maybe.  Until then we will continue to live our separate existences.

 So very connected and yet so very far apart. That’s quantum entanglement for you.


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