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Fall in the Forest

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Fall in Caledon, Ontario.

9 km of forest trails, fairies, and unexpected furry friends.

Saturdays don’t get much better than that.


Being fully in the present…

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Wise words-Experience the freedom of NOW. It will change your life.

MindMedicine Blog

Most people are always trying to escape the present moment. They always have somewhere to be. They are always rushing from one moment to another, always rushing through the present moment. The present moment becomes nothing more than a means to an end. They don’t realise that it is the present moment that is the source of everything that they are looking for. They are always trying to get to a future moment when they get what they ‘think’ they want in order to be happy. This is the delusion of time. You cannot be free if your mind is dependent on a future point in time. You can only be free NOW.

Wherever you are, be there fully. Live with the intention of enjoying the present moment as fully as you can. Realise deeply that life is always now, you cannot escape the present moment, so accept it and…

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The Man In Black

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Ph: Don Hunstein February 1959

I’ve lived 38 years. That’ll produce some mind-blowing moments.

This is the story of one of those moments, and I only found out just how mind-blowing when I discovered who the Man in Black really was.  I had a moment in time with the Man in Black himself,  Johnny Cash.

When I was five years old I went on vacation to Jamaica with my parents. Christmas 1980, and a beautiful rental house hanging over the ocean just outside of Montego Bay. The pictures are breathtaking. We were bumping around cruising in a open jeep. This part of the memory is crisp and clear, seared in my brain like a grilled cheese in a hot panini press. The jeep was mighty uncomfortable, the sun was beaming down, the road was dusty and hot, and we were whipping along at a fast clip through a lush plantation. My tanned dad was driving, having a blast and loving every minute, free as a bird in the tropical sun.

A little boy with a huge grin suddenly appeared, running beside the jeep, trying to catch us. He couldn’t have been much older than I was. My dad slowly pulled over to the side. The little boy ran up to his side of the jeep, bubbly and energized, “ Hi-Hi-Do you want to see Johnny Cash?” He could hardly breathe from all the running, and his excitement oozed from every one of his little pores. “Follow me follow me!! “ he yelled and ran up ahead of us, wildly flailing his arms to direct us. I remember it vividly. My mother wasn’t digging the situation at all, and was definitely paranoid.  “Sure, we’ll follow him and then we’ll get swarmed by a gang around the corner and killed… “

I guess my dad must have been feeling brave that day and listened to his intuition. He didn’t listen to my mother this time, put the car in drive and off we went. We followed the little boy up a few winding dirt roads and around some corners, and came to a sort of clearing in the plantation. It wasn’t the same as the dense plants we’d been travelling through, here there was a breathtaking view  and enough room to walk among the rows of plants. It was as if our experience in that very moment suddenly allowed us some breathing room.

The little boy said, “Wait here”, and ran up ahead along one of the paths and disappeared. You could see the worry on my mothers face. She thought we were all going to get attacked and killed in the bush. Could very well have been the case-but thankfully not that day.

What happened next instead would be much less traumatic than a triple homicide, and makes for a much better story.

Within minutes we saw a man slowly us approaching through the bush. He had a black cowboy hat on, and when he approached he whipped it off with a big smile, and bowed his sweaty head a little with a gesture of respect.

“How y’all doing folks, I’m Johnny Cash” he said, and on went the hat again.

A big brimmed, country-loving, tough guy number hat.  The rest of my memory is fuzzy. That’s all my brain retained. I know the Man In Black stood there for awhile, happily chatting with my parents, and I remember a few bursts of his laughter, but considering I was five at the time-finding trouble in a plantation bush was much more exciting that a friendly stranger in a black hat called Johnny.

johnny cash with hat

The exact hat he was wearing that day

Turns out Johnny’s home, Cinammon Hill, was a plantation house built by Samuel Barrett, who ran a large sugar plantation there in the mid 1700’s. According to what I’ve heard, the place has quite the history of slavery and torture. Not good. Johnny on the other hand was always very generous with anyone who worked with him there and enjoyed giving when it came to helping many of his Jamaican neighbours. I liked his energy that day, I remember that. He had a glow. When I became an adult and found out more about him, I liked what I read. I especially appreciated the fact that he was always an advocate for Native Americans, which was expressed in his songs and on his album ” Bitter Tears, Ballads of the American Indian.” He cared about his fellow man. Bravo Johnny.

One Christmas Eve he was celebrating Christmas at Cinammon Hill, when armed robbers burst through the door and robbed him of everything, all the presents under the tree, and even the turkey cooking in the oven.  He was extremely upset over the attack, understandably, and packed up and left. It’s said that he didn’t return for many, many years after that.

I hear he finally went back and made his peace with Jamaica and Cinammon Hill just before his death in 2003. He died September 12, 2003, just three short months after June. True love never dies.

It just gets postponed for a while.



Mini Digits

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Those are my digits soothing some mini digits to sleep over the weekend

We all start off our lives needing to feel safe- and that never really changes

No matter how old and tough we pretend to be

Blue Jay Way

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Ever tried to get a picture of a blue jay? It’s next to impossible. They move at lightning speed, spook easily, and despite their fiercely bold personalities they disappear in a flash. I spotted this beauty flying around my yard this morning and baited my back porch with almonds.  I stood waiting motionless with my camera phone poised. I could feel it. Today jay finally decided to give me the chance to catch a couple of shots.  Such a brat.

Blue Jay Symbolism

The jay fearlessly protects its young, partner, and territory. They’ll always stand against adversaries that may appear more powerful than they are, and often with successful results. It is an air totem and represents ideals, knowledge, spirituality, and seeking higher truth. Honesty, patience, endurance, assertiveness, and loyalty are also jays traits. It’s said that if a jay flies into your life  you may be experiencing lessons of adaptation in regards to a certain situation or learning lessons quickly. The jay enables long lost memories and transforms them into new awareness. The jay also represents risk taking and seizing opportunities. The investigative nature of the jay represents new concepts, judgement, care, and diplomacy.

Since the beginning of September, my life has been a blur of work, stressful situations, and chaotic energy. Crazy happenings, deceased relatives coming to visit my dreams, and messages from the strangest of places. It seems I’m not the only one going through this absolute madness. For those of us who are tuned into the energies, the paradigm shift we are experiencing is relentless, and escaping its constant intensity doesn’t seem to be on the menu. People are feeling it-everywhere. Whether or not you are tuned in-many people are noticing the synchronicities as well as the upheavals.  Strangers are royally getting on our nerves, family members are driving us crazy, and our relationships are volatile at best. One gigantic headache. Hang in there, by Thursday with the harvest full moon they’ll be light at the end of the tunnel.

No surprise that astrologically there is a lot going on.  The moon has moved into Aquarius, an air sign that dominates thinking, knowledge, and communication. So fitting that jay decided to show up and give me the time of day since he’s an air totem. We’ve been moving through cycles of examining every aspect of our existence, from internal struggles, to fighting the status quo, to worrying about the future. For many, it’s leaving us totally drained. It’s taking everything in me to remember that the full moon on Thursday will be bringing some illumination and understanding.  This week is a time to reflect on our inner desires, tackle issues, demonstrate our strength, and come out of it all with a fresh understanding.

Opposition to Mars is also a key factor in all the recent unrest, in the area of institutions and structures particularly, urging us to follow our heart and be strong. We know what needs to be done. Impulsive desires and heated emotions are definitely on the table- full force. The fire has been burning hot. The moon’s North Node and Saturn are also in opposition which also means you’ll feel the need to speak your mind about current issues or situations, which may lead to heated debate. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The choice is yours, whether or not you choose to voice your opinion, just be prepared for some opposition.

Above all else, the message is this:  speak your truth.

Be true to what’s inside because staying true to yourself and what you believe in will ultimately lead you a place where things unfold in your world just as they should.



They Tried, But Failed

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Accurate and insightful-a great read for those who may want to know more about Reiki

Healey Institute for Healers


In 2009, a conclave of Catholic Bishops advised Catholic the whole country to not allow Reiki in their hospitals.

Fast forward to my surgery last year in 2012, at St. Peter’s Hospital, I gratefully received the healing post operation.

Here is “A Response to the Bishops’ Statement on Reiki” by William Lee Rand. William is president of the International Center for Reiki Training and executive editor of the Reiki News Magazine. He has studied with five Reiki teachers, including two from Japan, and has made three trips to Japan to research the history and nature of Reiki. Rand has practiced Reiki since 1981 and has taught full time for 20 years.

*Photo courtesy of

On March 25, 2009, U.S. Catholic bishops issued a statement advising Catholic hospitals, health care facilities, and Catholic chaplains not to support the use of Reiki sessions. The statement was issued by The Committee on…

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Happy Thoughts

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Roald Dahl : wonderful AND wise.

Vibrant Living

Happy Thoughts

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