Blue Jay Way


Ever tried to get a picture of a blue jay? It’s next to impossible. They move at lightning speed, spook easily, and despite their fiercely bold personalities they disappear in a flash. I spotted this beauty flying around my yard this morning and baited my back porch with almonds.  I stood waiting motionless with my camera phone poised. I could feel it. Today jay finally decided to give me the chance to catch a couple of shots.  Such a brat.

Blue Jay Symbolism

The jay fearlessly protects its young, partner, and territory. They’ll always stand against adversaries that may appear more powerful than they are, and often with successful results. It is an air totem and represents ideals, knowledge, spirituality, and seeking higher truth. Honesty, patience, endurance, assertiveness, and loyalty are also jays traits. It’s said that if a jay flies into your life  you may be experiencing lessons of adaptation in regards to a certain situation or learning lessons quickly. The jay enables long lost memories and transforms them into new awareness. The jay also represents risk taking and seizing opportunities. The investigative nature of the jay represents new concepts, judgement, care, and diplomacy.

Since the beginning of September, my life has been a blur of work, stressful situations, and chaotic energy. Crazy happenings, deceased relatives coming to visit my dreams, and messages from the strangest of places. It seems I’m not the only one going through this absolute madness. For those of us who are tuned into the energies, the paradigm shift we are experiencing is relentless, and escaping its constant intensity doesn’t seem to be on the menu. People are feeling it-everywhere. Whether or not you are tuned in-many people are noticing the synchronicities as well as the upheavals.  Strangers are royally getting on our nerves, family members are driving us crazy, and our relationships are volatile at best. One gigantic headache. Hang in there, by Thursday with the harvest full moon they’ll be light at the end of the tunnel.

No surprise that astrologically there is a lot going on.  The moon has moved into Aquarius, an air sign that dominates thinking, knowledge, and communication. So fitting that jay decided to show up and give me the time of day since he’s an air totem. We’ve been moving through cycles of examining every aspect of our existence, from internal struggles, to fighting the status quo, to worrying about the future. For many, it’s leaving us totally drained. It’s taking everything in me to remember that the full moon on Thursday will be bringing some illumination and understanding.  This week is a time to reflect on our inner desires, tackle issues, demonstrate our strength, and come out of it all with a fresh understanding.

Opposition to Mars is also a key factor in all the recent unrest, in the area of institutions and structures particularly, urging us to follow our heart and be strong. We know what needs to be done. Impulsive desires and heated emotions are definitely on the table- full force. The fire has been burning hot. The moon’s North Node and Saturn are also in opposition which also means you’ll feel the need to speak your mind about current issues or situations, which may lead to heated debate. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The choice is yours, whether or not you choose to voice your opinion, just be prepared for some opposition.

Above all else, the message is this:  speak your truth.

Be true to what’s inside because staying true to yourself and what you believe in will ultimately lead you a place where things unfold in your world just as they should.




One Response to “Blue Jay Way”

  1. I’d always wondered what a blue jay looked like! We don’t have them in the UK and they turn up a lot in songs and poetry. Your summary of the astrological set-up rang true, too – lots of familiar stuff there!

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