Blue Sky Breaking


We hope that beyond the pain of loss there’s a time of peace and love that comes for the victims of violent crime and their families and friends.

I feel this time is coming for Tim Bosma and all those who cherished him.

 Truth is much stronger than evil. Evil can only hide for so long. The blue sky is breaking through the clouds.

Work has to be done. Factors have to be considered. Evidence has to be scrutinized. Minds have to merge in mysterious ways to highlight important information and bring the highest truth into the light.

The Globe and Mail released the following information on October 4th, 2013,

“Detectives have found “linkages” in three cases tied to Dellen Millard and have combined the investigations into a multi-jurisdictional probe headed by a senior Ontario Provincial Police officer. The cases – the murder of Tim Bosma, the disappearance of Mr. Millard’s friend Laura Babcock and the death of his father Wayne Millard – are being overseen by Detective Inspector Dave Hillman under the province’s major case management system.”

Millard and Smich are due back in court for a pretrial on Tuesday. If you read my previous blogs and my “Pandora’s Box” post you’ll understand a little more about how quantum entanglement fits in to this story. I have been connected to Tim’s story since May 6, 2013, when Tim first dissapeared. Tim’s energy has been with me ever since. Over the last two weeks the energies related to the case have been moving at a much faster pace, which has left me restless and without much sleep, but is also leading me to believe that answers are coming very soon. I feel answers will come closer to November 9th, and that the third person involved in the crime that I talked about in previous blogs will also be named. The MillardAir family hangar is also somehow playing a part in the case going forward, as well as strong evidence found at the farmland.

 Crucial information will be released soon and hopefully this will finally bring the truth into the light.

Truth for Laura Babcock and her family. Truth for Wayne. Truth for the Bosma family, and truth for Tim.



2 Responses to “Blue Sky Breaking”

  1. Hopefully those families will find some closure with the truth. Peace.

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