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Fly Dragonfly Fly

Posted in Beauty, Nature, Spirituality with tags on July 25, 2014 by TaijituMartini

I was in the pool today when this little beauty crashed into the water beside me. I scooped him up with my book, Shirley MacLaine’s “The Camino”. Spiritual book, spiritual moment. He started to move slowly after a few seconds , took his teeny front arms and ruffled them over his own head a few times, and shook his intricate wings. Then he climbed around a bit and stopped. Ten minutes went by and he wasn’t moving. I was worried he wouldn’t make it and my book was flapping on him in the wind, so I held it down with a few rocks and let him dry out in peace. I went back to my chair and could see his little frame from across the pool. I had a conversation, looked over a few minutes later and he was gone.
Fly dragonfly fly. Such a beautifully delicate creature. dragon