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Posted in Beauty, Gratitude, Nature, Prophecy, Spirituality, Wisdom on September 27, 2015 by TaijituMartini


Tonight people. Harvest Supermoon. Full. Eclipse. Don’t miss this beauty or you’ll have to wait until 2033 to see it again.
Only happens during a full moon when the sun, moon, and earth are completely aligned and the earth’s shadow blankets the moon.
At 9:07 pm tonight, Sunday September 27, 2015, the moon will enter the earths dark shadow and the umbral shadow will travel across the moon from left to right. The moon will also be at perigee, the closest point to the earth, and will appear 13% bigger than average and 30% brighter.
At 10:11pm, totality will occur where the moon will be completely engulfed in the ombral shadow and will turn an orange red colour which will last for an hour and twelve minutes.
Looking forward to this one.