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Tonight people. Harvest Supermoon. Full. Eclipse. Don’t miss this beauty or you’ll have to wait until 2033 to see it again.
Only happens during a full moon when the sun, moon, and earth are completely aligned and the earth’s shadow blankets the moon.
At 9:07 pm tonight, Sunday September 27, 2015, the moon will enter the earths dark shadow and the umbral shadow will travel across the moon from left to right. The moon will also be at perigee, the closest point to the earth, and will appear 13% bigger than average and 30% brighter.
At 10:11pm, totality will occur where the moon will be completely engulfed in the ombral shadow and will turn an orange red colour which will last for an hour and twelve minutes.
Looking forward to this one.


So Very Infinitesimal

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Last night the strangest storm rolled in, I watched the slow-moving clouds billowing over themselves from the safe haven of my front porch. The air was thick with danger. Everything went quiet and in that moment I felt so vulnerable next to the power of Nature’s wrath.
So very infinitesimal. 





Winding Ivy

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Yesterday I found myself standing in front of an impressive piece of history in a quaint little Ontario town.
Built in 1927, it was the last school built before the Great Depression, and was abandoned in 2004 when they officially closed its doors.
Ten years of natural growth had turned this copper-adorned Gothic stone building into a wonderland of bursting colours, smothered in sunshine, standing majestically on a hill- but now sadly left to lead its solitary existence. Images of eager young children piling into their respective seperate entrances filled my thoughts-to think that boys and girls were actually made to enter the school on opposite sides-such useless irrational dogmas dominating Christian thought at the time.

Have we really evolved as a civilization since 1927? We’ve made some good progress but segregation still rears its ugly head in so many forms,and humans still continue to label things they don’t understand to try and soothe their own fears and insecurities.
If only people could exist together as peacefully as the winding ivy.
Seventy-seven years of academic history. Eighty-seven years old.
Imagine all that happened within those walls.
History- a true magic.






Fly Dragonfly Fly

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I was in the pool today when this little beauty crashed into the water beside me. I scooped him up with my book, Shirley MacLaine’s “The Camino”. Spiritual book, spiritual moment. He started to move slowly after a few seconds , took his teeny front arms and ruffled them over his own head a few times, and shook his intricate wings. Then he climbed around a bit and stopped. Ten minutes went by and he wasn’t moving. I was worried he wouldn’t make it and my book was flapping on him in the wind, so I held it down with a few rocks and let him dry out in peace. I went back to my chair and could see his little frame from across the pool. I had a conversation, looked over a few minutes later and he was gone.
Fly dragonfly fly. Such a beautifully delicate creature. dragon

As Is

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Spring-as is.

Cloud Cover

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Occasionally I like to escape my pen and quietly hover behind the clouds, watching the world go by.

It seems I hovered up there for six long months.

A few days ago the clouds were clearing in the sky.

I sat on a park bench and captured their beauty.

Cloud cover broken.

Blue skies ahead.

Only The Wise

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The simple things are also the most extraordinary things,

and only the wise can see them

~Paulo Coelho~