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A Silver Lining

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silver lining

I always try to remember that pain is a necessary part of our spiritual growth
And that the Universe is unfolding as it should.
Lately, keeping my Zen-ism in check is proving to be challenging as life tosses obstacles at me like oversized donkey kong barrels.
I’ll just keep jumping.

Never let go of hope. It’s the one seed that will keep you deeply grounded.
Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of that hope, disguised as a beautiful silver lining in the sky.



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So Very Infinitesimal

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Last night the strangest storm rolled in, I watched the slow-moving clouds billowing over themselves from the safe haven of my front porch. The air was thick with danger. Everything went quiet and in that moment I felt so vulnerable next to the power of Nature’s wrath.
So very infinitesimal. 





Being fully in the present…

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Wise words-Experience the freedom of NOW. It will change your life.

MindMedicine Blog

Most people are always trying to escape the present moment. They always have somewhere to be. They are always rushing from one moment to another, always rushing through the present moment. The present moment becomes nothing more than a means to an end. They don’t realise that it is the present moment that is the source of everything that they are looking for. They are always trying to get to a future moment when they get what they ‘think’ they want in order to be happy. This is the delusion of time. You cannot be free if your mind is dependent on a future point in time. You can only be free NOW.

Wherever you are, be there fully. Live with the intention of enjoying the present moment as fully as you can. Realise deeply that life is always now, you cannot escape the present moment, so accept it and…

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