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Winding Ivy

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Yesterday I found myself standing in front of an impressive piece of history in a quaint little Ontario town.
Built in 1927, it was the last school built before the Great Depression, and was abandoned in 2004 when they officially closed its doors.
Ten years of natural growth had turned this copper-adorned Gothic stone building into a wonderland of bursting colours, smothered in sunshine, standing majestically on a hill- but now sadly left to lead its solitary existence. Images of eager young children piling into their respective seperate entrances filled my thoughts-to think that boys and girls were actually made to enter the school on opposite sides-such useless irrational dogmas dominating Christian thought at the time.

Have we really evolved as a civilization since 1927? We’ve made some good progress but segregation still rears its ugly head in so many forms,and humans still continue to label things they don’t understand to try and soothe their own fears and insecurities.
If only people could exist together as peacefully as the winding ivy.
Seventy-seven years of academic history. Eighty-seven years old.
Imagine all that happened within those walls.
History- a true magic.







O Captain My Captain

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“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.”
-Robin Williams

So true My Captain. Can I call you that? I hope you don’t mind. I never knew you, but I always felt like I did.
I felt connected to you. Perhaps it was your small stature. I happen to be wee myself. Maybe it was your contagious laughter, your great comedic timing, your humble views on life and love. Whatever it was that connected us in this vast Universe-you enriched my life. Thank-you for that.
Your heart was big My Captain. I felt that-and I’m not the only one. It seems whoever knew you loved you.
A special soul you were.
As John Keating in Dead Poets Society you opened my eyes to the possibility of looking at life from a different perspective. Stand on your desk and shout out your mantra to the world. Booya Keating. That’s the way to do it. Life’s too short for bullshit.
You encouraged me to “carpe diem”, a motto I have leaned on throughout my adult life.
Your performance as Parry in The Fisher King swept me away to another world and turned me into a two hour human waterfall. What a movie.
Armand in The Birdcage- another classic. Showcasing LGBTQ diversity before it was cool to do it, just your style, brave and true.
One Hour Photo. You were lonely. Did you feel a similar pain? I’m sorry if you did. No one should ever feel truly alone.
Many of the characters you played over the years seemed to echo your soul. I grew up watching you, and went to see your stand-up show in person. What a night that was. Just try and tell those jokes again the next day. As if. Pure comedic genius. One of a kind. No one did it like you did. No one ever will.
Intelligent, compassionate, sharp, strong, generous, and kind. I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’m just one of millions. What a legacy.
I will miss your gift of seamless improv, your humble generosity, your ridiculous repertoire of crazy voices, your versatile talent as a top notch performer, your honest and giving nature, and most of all your unique capability to move this world with your exhuberant madness.
My Captain, I wish you the eternal peace you couldn’t find in life.
Wherever you may be, may your magical spark forever ring free.

My Winged Angel

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I once had a wonderful winged best friend. Her name was Zora. She would sit on my shoulder and fluff herself up and nestle in behind my ear and underneath my hair for warmth.  She would stay there for hours. She would eat breakfast with me and loved green apples and alfafa sprouts, but chicken was her absolute favourite food. Go figure. Good thing I never explained it to her or she would have been utterly horrified.  She would play cheeky little games with me. I’d make a little tunnel under the covers of my duvet and she would run in at a fast clip and hide in the far end the tunnel. I’d put my face up to the opening and make noises and call her name and she would come running out as fast as her little feet would go, nudge my nose with her little yellow beak, and perfectly imitate the sounds I was making right back.

She was a talented flyer, but when she’d decide to beat it across an entire room on those little twiggy feeties it would make my heart sing. It was the cutest thing. She was such a sweet little parrotlet. She was a hand-raised peach-faced lovebird, technically an agapornis roseicollis, but I called her all sorts of crazy names. My little agapornis had a million names, and a million adorable personality traits to match all the zany nicknames I christened her with.

She had a good life, better than good. I gave her everything. She was spoiled rotten and was hardly ever in her cage. I wanted to be with her every second I could. She was a wonderful friend. She was my very best winged friend. I was very lucky to have her and the love I received from her in return could never be duplicated twice in a lifetime.

She loved to travel, but wasn’t too impressed when she would spot cows in the pastures while we were in the car. She liked seeing horses but I don’t think she liked cows, she was afraid of them and would vocally let me know when we passed them grazing in a field. She loved to see new places, and in the summer she would chill with me outside on the deck and have conversations with all the other winged creatures that flew the skies. I always wondered what they were talking about.

She loved to sit on the shower curtain rod while I was showering and patiently keep me company until I was finished. Sometimes she would hang with me in the bathtub. She would run up and down my legs and try to bathe herself in the deep water, but I would protect her from falling in head first and she would settle for flitting around in the shallow water that would accumulate on my stomach. I would often give her a bath under a warm tap. She loved water. Afterwards, she would sit on the branch above her cage and groom herself happily until every feather was taken care of and she had deemed herself perfectly coiffed.

She would fly freely from room to room and squeak in delight when I would play hide and seek with her. Sometimes she would fly from the upstairs to the downstairs and I would hear a little chirp from somewhere far away to let me know where she was hiding. She liked to sit on windowsills, looking intently outside to check out the worlds happenings. At night she would fluff herself up while I was watching tv and make little grinding noises with her beak when she was completely content. She was toilet trained. Well, not really a toilet, but her cage. I would move her from my shoulder to my index finger, tell her to go do her business and she would fly over to the top of her cage and use the loo. Then she would fly back to my shoulder. Such an intelligent little soul.

She had a little triangular fluffy yellow bed that I hung in her cage nightly, and every night she would crawl in and put herself to bed, fluff herself up and get comfy, and then I would say, “Goodnight Z ” she would chirp a little goodnight right back from inside her cozy little yellow bed.

We were meant to be together her and I. It was two souls connecting on a spiritual level that could never be captured in words. It was a love unlike any other. It was a perfect love as deep as the oceans and as wide as the Universe. It still is. Infinite as the moon and the stars.

She passed away suddenly of a heart attack after sixteen wonderful years together. A quick passing without suffering.  Sixteen years of pure love and laughter. When I found her that night, almost two years ago to the day, I could feel her little soul sitting atop her favourite branch, looking down at me grieving, holding her tiny little body in my shaking hands. My girlfriend felt her there as well. We both knew she was still there, waiting to make sure we were ok before she moved on.

Zora wasn’t sure why we were suddenly separated. She would soon come to understand.  I knew she would be happy. She had other things to do. She had other adventures to embark on.  A soul that special would have important jobs to do on the other side. Now she was my Spirit Guardian and I felt blessed to know that she would be watching over me.

I asked her to come and visit me in my dreams the night she passed to let me know that she was alright, and she did, that very night. A beautiful vivid dream overflowing with the love that we shared for each other. She comes every so often to see me in the night, mostly when I ask her to, bringing my soul a little slice of happiness again, if ever so briefly, and I’m grateful for her visits. I’m grateful for the sixteen years we spent together, and the pure love she brought into my life. I miss her so, and wait patiently for that glorious day when we can finally be together again.

I love you Z.  Now, then, and forever.


Two weeks before she died I felt her death coming. My intuition told me I wouldn’t have her with me for long, so I took this picture one day after she’d had a bath, sitting on her favourite branch.  She’s smiling.

Fairy Dust

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I’ve always believed in magic. Not the David Copperfield kind, where some traitor on t.v gives away the secrets behind the mechanics of the trick, I’m talking about the magic you find in fairytales. The kind where you sprinkle a little fairy dust and watch the impossible come to life right before your eyes. Don’t believe in fairy dust? You should. It’s hidden in a secret place. You just have to believe it’s there.

I was thinking about the evolution of my blog today. How I started writing it out of the blue after having decided that I was going to work towards making my dreams become my reality. I wasn’t a social media junkie by any stretch. In fact, I rarely spend time using social media platforms. It was definitely a strange leap for someone who doesn’t like the spotlight and avoids being the center of attention. I wasn’t in a particularly great head space. I’m sure some of you can relate, staring blankly at the screen with writers block at 3am, wondering what the hell you’re doing awake in the first place, let alone dishing out your souls confessions to an online audience of relative strangers…What the hell might as well, little bit of this and a little bit of that, random thoughts in no particular order, but then again, life is pretty much the same recipe of irregular oddities isn’t it?

Turning dreams into reality? Cliche yes, but looking back at what has transpired over the last year or so I’m amazed at how all the puzzle pieces are coming together. Magic does happen when you believe in it.

When I started writing TaijituMartini I had decided that above everything else in my world I was going to pursue a career as a writer. In my “Advice From Oprah” post I told you how she had come to me in a dream and told me “child, don’t tell the story,be the story”. Something powerful stayed with me after that dream, and kept me from giving up. I was the architect of my own reality and only I could make the magic happen. I was going to do whatever it took to become a writer. I’d been published once. I yearned for more. Somehow the stars aligned and this past June I was introduced by a friend to an important publisher. He was impressed with my writing portfolio and promised to send it along to his contacts. Two months later, keeping the faith the entire time, I received an email yesterday with a promising position potentially available to me in the near future. It was an agonizing two month wait but I kept going, and in the meantime landed the cover story in a magazine. My portfolio is growing and things are happening. It’s hard not to give up. I’ve been trying for almost 2 years. That’s a hell of a long time, hundreds upon hundreds of individualized cover letters and resumes, lack of replies, and late night blogging sessions to soothe the aches of seemingly unending uncertainty. What I never anticipated experiencing along the way was the genius of the blogging community. My humble thanks to all of you, for your encouraging words, incredible storytelling, and for keeping my spirit alive. Your support lifted me up when I needed it most.

Nothing in this life comes easy. You have to believe to make it happen. Doors slam and jealous people try to stop you from realizing your dreams because they don’t have the courage to reach for their own. Don’t ever let them get away with making you think you can’t reach for that magic. Whatever it is you want to achieve in your life. It’s yours. Sprinkle that fairy dust, work hard, never give up, and then watch as the magic unfolds right before your eyes.


Thanks WordPress

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Thanks WordPress. What a place. A million fleeting energies all given the chance to create. What freedom. Imagination is endless here. The door is always open. That’s the best part. Human potential is limitless. We’re all different in so many ways, and yet when you dive into this pool you see that we’re also so very much alike. We’re an amazing bunch us human beings. Truly fascinating. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read all of  your amazing stories. I’m thrilled to be a part of this word chain. So magical. It’s an inside view into imagination. The exploration of connection. To ourselves, to each other, and to the greater Universe around us. Addiction, achievement, success, hate, desire, betrayal, suffering, joy, understanding, separation, sadness, glory, passion, hope, healing, fear, and love-the greatest gift of all. WordPress is the home at the very heart of everything: the passion and imagination of an entire planet. Deep stuff. Better than any movie.

Why? It’s real. It’s exciting. It’s happening now. It’s your life.

Thanks to each and every one of you out there, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, right now, in this exact moment in time. Thanks for taking the time to listen and for choosing to be a part of my story. I’m so grateful to have you along for the ride. Hang on tight. There’s no telling where this one’s going to fly…